Detox Journal


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This is a 15-Page PDF Download to help you track and monitor your progress and results over a full 30 day period. 

Inside this Detox Journal; 

  • A PLAN OF ACTION - List your priorities, actions steps, and notes. 
  • DETOX PROFILE - Gather your start weight and take your beginning measurements. 
  • DETOX REFLECTIONS - Answer though provoking questions before starting your detox.
  • DAILY PROGRESS - Track sleeping habits, food, and water intake and fitness activity. 
  • WEEKLY PROGRESS - Track weekly weight, new weekly goals, and notes. 
  • 30 DAY JOURNAL - Write how you are feeling each day for 30 days. 
  • 30 DAY PROGRESS - Update your 30-day results, calculate your weight loss, retake new body measurements and calculate total inches loss. 
  • DETOX REFLECTIONS 2 - Reflect and answer probing questions on how you did over the previous 30 days. 

**We recommend printing this detox journal out and create your own detox journal binder, every 30 days to manage your progress and help to improve your results. Purchase 1 time and reuse month after month. 

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